Flavor of Poland is a culinary-travel television series which will, for the first time in the history of American Public Television, present the country of Poland to American TV viewers like they’ve never seen it before! Having crossed thousands of miles across Poland, visiting over 30 cities, towns and villages and exploring the country’s most majestic landscapes from north to south and east to west, the Flavor of Poland team met with locals, historic, cultural and culinary experts, capturing the most beautiful aspects of Poland on film to bring back to the U.S. and share them all with American TV viewers.

The 13-episode series will document and highlight the beauty, traditions, monuments, history as well as the current modernity of Poland along with a full range of its unique flavors, both the old and the new through a journey across 13 distinct regions of Poland.

The American TV viewer will be taken along for this unique walk through Poland by host, Aleksandra August - an American actress of Polish descent, born in Poland and raised in the USA. In every episode of the series Aleksandra visits a specific region of Poland, where she shares the area’s cultural and historical heritage with her viewers. Along the way she uncovers the secrets of Polish cuisine, both the historical riches full of exceptional traditions, as well as its modern tastes. The characteristic dishes that Aleksandra discovers in each region of Poland that she visits then become the basis for recipes that she recreates in her own kitchen – a cooking segment featured at the end of each episode where viewers are shown how to recreate Poland’s traditional and historic tastes in their very own home.

This will be a truly touching, first-time discovery of one of central Europe’s most fascinating countries! We invite you to join our host for this delicious journey across beautiful Poland!